1. What are extensions?

    Extensions are software that reside locally on your computer. They extend the functionality of your browser so you can do a lot more.

  2. Do they run in any browser?

    Our extensions work for Chrome based browsers (Chrome, Brave, Opera, Edge).

  3. What are the main benefits of using your extensions?

    They are AUTOMATED so you will save a LOT of time, they can generate unlimited quality leads, organize and follow up with your contacts more often and more effectively, create more engagement for your posts (plus much more) so that you will make a lot more sales with a lot less effort.

  4. What platform/s do your extensions work on?

    Our 6 extensions work with Facebook and we are currently in beta with a solution for LinkedIn.

  5. How have your extensions worked for others?

    See testimonials

  6. Do you improve your extensions?

    Yes we are continually improving our extensions at no additional cost to you!

  7. How do I upgrade extensions?

    We have a video on our support site that allows you to update all of our extensions with just a few clicks.

  8. What support do you have?

    We have an amazing support site with many instructional videos that you can see at https://automationmarketingsoftware.com/instructionalvideos

  9. Will this work for teams?

    Yes our extensions work great for teams because they allow you to leverage the efforts of others by sharing Labels, Global Templates, and individual Messages in our FB Contact Manager extension.

  10. Can I get more than 1 license?

    Yes you can get more than 1 license (check for availability and pricing).

  11. If I choose your Monthly option, will the cost go up?

    We can’t guarantee what the price will be in the future however we expect that it will increase as we add more functionality. To eliminate any potential for future price increases and get a much lower price, many people choose our Lifetime option (while supplies last).

  12. What do I get when I buy a Lifetime License?

    You get six (6) of our different extensions as follows:

    ● Lead Prospector

    ● FB Contact Manager

    ● Birthday Greeter

    ● Auto Commenter

    ● Meme Scheduler

    ● Contest Creator

  13. Is there any other cost when getting a Lifetime License?

    No there is only the 1 time fee to get Lifetime Access to all 6 of our extensions!

  14. Will the Lifetime Price increase?

    The price will definitely increase and the best price ever is right now (Check for availability).

  15. Are you going to do another Workshop/Challenge and if so when?

    Yes we plan to do a monthly Workshop/Challenge and will update everyone in the Facebook Group soon with the details.

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